Contact lenses

lenses12We offer many choices when it comes to choosing contact lenses.  If you prefer single vision or bifocal, hard or soft lenses, or disposable daily wear; our qualified optician has the knowledge and experience to help you find the right contact lens for you.

The process for obtaining contacts if you are new to contact lens will consist of two separate appointments. The first appointment is with one of our ophthalmologist for a full, comprehensive eye exam. If our evaluation indicates that you are a candidate for wearing contacts, you will then schedule a separate contact lens fitting with our contact lens specialist, a licensed optician. During this time the optician will measure the shape of your eyes and work with you to find the fit that is most comfortable for you as well as what works best for your lifestyle.

In some cases you may be given contact lens trials to take with you. After you have tried these lenses you will have a follow up appointment with Sandy, our contact lens specialist, to ensure these lenses fit you properly prior to approving the order.

Not all individuals are able to wear contact lenses. A comprehensive exam with one of our ophthalmologists will tell you if contact lenses are right for you.

* Your contact lens prescription is valid for one year. You must have a complete eye exam every year to ensure your lens are still fitting your correctly and there is no change in your prescription.

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